My Top 7 Picks for Plant Protein


My top favorite picks for plant protein are:

1. Quinoa: 11g protein/cup

A pseudograin that serves as a great high protein breakfast cereal when combined with some almond or other nut milk and berries. It’s also is a great base (instead of standard rice or other grain) that you can easily toss with veggies or beans for a hearty dinner.

RECIPE: Quinoa Black Bean Bowl: just remember to substitute vegan butter for the traditional stuff.

2. Lentils: 18g protein/cup

A yummy, flavorful bean that I use as a base for veggie burgers, soups, and stews. Try this recipe. You will love it!

RECIPE: Lentil Burgers

3. Black Beans: 15g protein/cup

Who doesn’t love rice and beans? Add onions, garlic and peppers and you are all set. Use them in chilis, stews, soups, as a base for veggie burgers. Limitless potential. I even use them for pizza crusts!

RECIPE: Cilantro Lime and Black Bean Rice

4. Tempeh: 41g protein/cup

Tempeh is a great fermented soy product that you can season with any spices you want for a flavorful, meaty texture. Turn it into reuben sandwich, bacon for your BLTs or craft it into delicious meatballs.

RECIPE: Best Vegan Tempeh Reubens

5. Spirulina: [6g protein/tsp]

The highest source of protein of any food on the planet. This blue-green algae is a complete protein that you can easily add to shakes, smoothies and juices for a high quality protein punch.

RECIPE:Rich Roll’s Deep Blue Sea Blend Smoothie

6. Seitan: 31g protein/3 oz serving

Also known as wheat gluten, seitan has the texture of meat and is excellent source of protein. You can make your own seitan (it’s not that hard) or try Gardein’s chick’n cutlets, burgers and meatloaf. Or Field Roast’s chik’n apple sausage links. Love them!

RECIPE: Seitan Gyros

7. Chickpeas: 12g protein/cup

Have you ever had “untuna salad” made from chickpeas? Unbelievable! Chickpeas are so versatile. Make your own hummus, use them in a salad, create an “un”-tuna salad or if you prefer, use chickpea flour to make everything from omelettes to pizza crusts.

RECIPE: Chickpea “Un-Tuna” Salad